Shree Bharatimaiya College of Optometry & Physiotherapy   

Academic Rules


  1. A candidate can carry over first year paper(s) and second year paper(s) till third year.

  2. lf a candidate failed in one/all papers in first year, second year and third year, he/she must have to pass all examination before starting internship (Fourth Year).

  3. (A) After the successful completion of first year, second year and third year, the student has to undergo a compulsory internship for a period of twelve months. The concerned college authority shall do the posting of successful candidates for internship within Fifteen days of declaration of results of final year exams. (b) During internship the student has to do one project work on the Assigned topic and submit the PROJECT REPORT to the university. The topic will be assigned and approved by the PRINCIPAL of the College. (c) During the internship period the student is entitled to 12 casual leaves.


Every student who has passed in all the theory and practical examination of all the six semesters, will have to undergo clinical training as internship as per schedule finalized by the college management. Every student has to attend his /her in the training centers in the period of 1st August to the 31st July of the following year as per the timings of the centers.

A monthly report and summary of the practical work done by the student at the training center have to be countersigned by the responsible person from the center. This report will be a part of the project work report to be submitted by every student as per the date schedule notified by the college of optometry.

The student will require a minimum of 95% attendance during the internship. In the absence of this he/she will not be eligible to appear for the final exam to be conducted at the year-end.


  1. To pass the first year, second year, third year and fourth year examination, a student must obtain at least 50% marks in each of the subjects separately with a minimum 50% theory and 50% in practical subjects.

  2. Those who have failed in specific subject/s will allowed to take supplementary (ATKT) exam to be conducted within 42 days after the declaration of result.


  • A - Those who have failed in one/all subjects will be allowed to take supplementary (ATKT) examination in those subject(s) in which he/she has failed.

  • B. - Those candidates who have kept the term but could not take annual exam due to ill health, accident or any other extreme reason can appear for supplementary exam along with ATKT exam provided that candidate has cleared in internal examination and has necessary 80 % attendance.

  • C. - Those who secure less than 60% in aggregate will be classified as Pass class.

  • D. - Those who secure 60% or more in aggregate and pass all the subjects in first attempt will be classificd as First class.

  • E. - Those who secure 70% or more in aggregate and pass all the subjects in first attempt will be classificd as First class with Distinction.

  • F. - Getting 50% marks in internal examination is mandatory to pass the examination. If the sum of marks in a subject in internal plus external marks secured is 50% or more, the candidate shall be declared passed in that subject. 

  • G. - Classification of pass class, first class and distinction class shall be done every year in annual regular examination. 

  • H - If a candidate takes more than one attempt to pass any of PAPER of a particular academic year, he/she shall be classified only as Pass Class.