Shree Bharatimaiya College of Optometry & Physiotherapy   

Optometry Council of India - OCI


Objectives of OCI

To create a national register of professional optometrists via individual registrations

  • Development and Implementation of a standard national curriculum for optometry
  • Development and Implementation of optometry school accreditation document and lobbying with accreditation bodied like NABH and
  • Development and Implementation of “Best Practice Standards” and popularize comprehensive eye examination to practitioners
  • Promotion of Indian optometry among national and international organization's
  • Task force to look at a pathway to upgrade existing diploma holders.
  • How does the Optometry Council of India bring benefit to the profession of Optometry?

Optometry Council of India benefits the profession of Optometry by:

  • Setting uniform standards
  • Regulating the profession
  • Enhancing placement opportunities for registered optometrists
  • Offering CE credits by accrediting CE programs so that professionals acquire current knowledge.
  • Register qualified optometrists and maintain a register of optometrists.