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What is Optometry?

What is Optometry ?

Optometry is an independent vision care science, which covers the examination of Human Eyes and Visual system for the estimation of errors of refraction, the fitting manufacturing and supply of optical aids.

Optometrist is an independent discipline in eye care. The optometry is a primary health care professional who is institutionally educated and clinically trained in the art and science of optometry. He is required to examine the eyes and the visual system, diagnose the visual problem, prescribe and provide remedial corrective treatment in the form of spectacles, contact lenses, low vision aids or vision therapy. If any pathological condition is detected during the examination, the Optometrist should immediately refer the patient to an Ophthalmologist.

The present scope of Optometric practice is far more than the determination of the refractive state of the eyes and the prescribing and dispensing of glasses. Importance of optometric education has grown with availability of new ophthalmic modes of treatment and optical products manufactured by latest technology are made available to the common man.

According to one of the estimates, India has approximate 2500 four year trained Optometrist and an estimated 40,000 experienced eye care personnel. But to provide the necessary level of care, India needs 1,16,000 Optometrists.

The ratio of qualified eye care professionals to patients with eye problems is very poor. Today, the optical trade needs at least 40,000 qualified optometrists to manage the dispensing optical outlets. With this background, it is strongly recommended that a four-year degree course in optometry be established at University level all over India so that a cadre of well-qualified optometrists becomes available in the country.

Optometrist is a primary healthcare professional who can independently

  • Estimate & prescribe corrective measures like spectacles, Contact Lens, Low Vision Therapy.
  • Detect pathological conditions of the visual system.
  • Diagnose Ocular & related systemic & neurological diseases and refer the cases to the concerned professionals.
  • Design, Manufacture, prescribe, & fit all kinds of optical aids.
  • Examine, diagnose & prescribe remedial treatment for ocularmotility malfunctions such as phorias, tropias, and other types of neuromuscular anomalies.
  • Undertake public health Optometry projects.
  • Public education on ocular hygiene and related nutritional & environmental counseling.
  • Offer a helping hand and or efficiently manage & successfully run any ophthalmic clinic, eye OPDs, shops, advice in Ophthalmic industry & trade.

The Optometrists are NOT EXPECTED to

  • Administer drugs without medical supervision.
  • Carry out any surgical procedures.
  • Career Options for Optometrist
  • Jobs in Eye Hospitals as an Optometrist.
  • Practice independently as Vision Care Professional in Spectacles, Contact Lens, Low Vision Therapy.
  • Diagnose Ocular & related Systemic & neurological diseases and refer the cases to the Professionals.
  • Academic Career Jobs in Optometry Colleges.
  • Retail Chain Outlets, Titan Eye+, Vision Express (Reliance), Lawrence & Mayo, GKB Optical, Zeiss Optical.
  • Jobs in Multinationals like, Johnson & Johnson, Bausch & Lomb, Ciba Vision, Essilor etc.